Co‽ / What ‽

So, in a way, I had been writing this blog for years now. If you look into the archives, you will think that I am a filthy liar, as the oldest post reach no further than 2019. And that is true. I am not liar thou—more of a coward.

I waited to start publishing for years. I blame impostor syndrome. But this might be just my rationalisation.

This way or another. It is happening. Sometimes in Polish, sometimes in English. Most of those things here are my original thought—if such a thing can exist in a world that is a remix.

I illustrate most of the posts, but fast drawings made in my sketchbook and scanning them with the Dropbox app.

Co‽ means What‽, and ‽ is !?.

Autor: Łukasz Tyrała

Conceptualization, ux strategy, insights. Decisions, ethic, change. Designer, researcher, analyst. Łukasz, [woo-cash], Luke.